The Spaniard (1981)

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Lesley Rae Dowling was discovered in Stellenbosch in 1980 by artist manager Paddy Lee Thorpe. She released her first single (The Spaniard / Grips of Emotion) and album (Lesley Rae Dowling) in 1981. Many of her albums have been produced and co-written (and accompanied) by Tully McCully. Her music has won many South African music awards, including various Sarie (South African Recording Industry) awards, several SAMA awards, 3M Scotty awards, and an FNB SAMA award.

She declined the opportunity in the early 1980s to go international, as the cultural boycott of South Africa during the late apartheid era meant she would need to live in Ireland for six months a year, something she was not prepared to do.

She has a well-known love/hate relationship with the music industry, and has never been comfortable with public performances. She lives on her farm, “De Groote Zalze” near Stellenbosch.

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Ramaja (1976)

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Glenys Lynne from the band 4 Jacks and a Jill, had a hit in 1976 with Ramaja.

The song was recorded in Afrikaans.

Ramaja is the name of a witch doctor, a type of native African healer or Sangoma, who treats ailments believed to be caused by witchcraft .

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Charlie (1976)

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Rabbitt were a South African rock band formed in 1972, evolving from a band called The Conglomeration, consisting of members Trevor Rabin, Duncan Faure, Ronnie Robot, and Neil Cloud. Their successes included making it to the top of the South African charts with the hit “Charlie” in 1976. Rabbitt broke up in 1978. Trevor Rabin would later become a member of Yes and wote “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. Duncan Faure went on to join the Bay City Rollers.

This is Charlie, pobably their best known track and certainly one of my favourites…

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Pata Pata (1967)

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“Pata Pata” is a song by South African singer Miriam Makeba. The song was written by fellow southern African artist Dorothy Masuka and first released by Makeba in 1957 when she still lived in South Africa. The song was released in the United States in 1967 for her studio album of the same name. It was successful on the Billboard Hot 100, and peaked at #12.

The song is considered by many to be Makeba’s signature hit and the song has since been covered by many artists. Originally written and sung in the Xhosa language, the song’s title means “touch touch” in English.

The original version of Pata Pata is included in The Best of the Early Years (Miriam Makeba), a collection of 24 tracks released in 2002 by Wrasse, and the 40 track compilation Her Essential Recordings: The Empress of African Song (2006 Manteca). Makeba released a renovated version of the song, entitled “Pata Pata 2000”, in her 2000 album Homeland.

In 2002, R&B guitarist Jonathan Butler recorded a rendition of this song from his album Surrender.
Mexican Superstar Thalía sang it for her 2000 Album Arrasando.
French-American singer and actress Arielle Dombasle covered the song featuring rapper Mokobé on her 2011 album Diva Latina.
German housemusic producers Milk & Sugar made a remix of the song in 2011, whose name is Hi-A Ma (Pata Pata).

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